How to install HP printer without CD

Installation of HP printer without the CD - Quick Steps

The rise of new issues and problems leads to innovation. The change in time and demands in the device has forced to modify the old devices.  The issue regarding heavy weight, huge size and more space lead to the innovation of new computer and laptop without the CD drive hence meeting the demands of making it light weight, small size and less space consumption. Initially it was beyond imagination to install HP printer without the CD but with change in device it is possible today.

How to install HP printer without CD steps

To install the HP Printer without the CD, the user need to connect the printer with the device via USB as nearly all modern printers work without disk and wait for the drivers to get installed automatically. The user just need to stay connected with internet during the process of installation of the drivers from the operating system. During the process, the printer need to be turned on. However, there are many printers who need to be plugged into a power outlet to keep it turn on. If also happen that the printer refuses to get connect via USB and in such situation, he or she needs to download the drivers from the manufacturer.

Then need to manually start the driver installation process by searching the printer from control panel and clicking "Devices and Printers" and thereafter starting the installation after click the "Add a printer" button. If the user fails to manually install the printer then he or she need to download and install the printer-specific drivers from the manufacturer.

To download printer-specific drivers the user need to note the printer make and model which will help to find the correct driver. The user need to make sure to download the correct drivers for the operating system. However, there will often be additional software, such as scanning software, that the user can download and install as well and get best help for how to install the HP Printer without the CD .


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