How can I receive money through PayPal

PayPal is an online method to send and receive money using email account. PayPal also allows user to send/receive money through a PayPal account. As time changes, the method of transaction has also changed. Now PayPal is being used all across the world for making payments as well as for doing transactions. Now people prefer electronic transfer using PayPal rather than using credit cards for online transactions.

While creating an online account, user have to add a credit card to their account for further transaction. PayPal has now been a leading alternative to the traditional payment methods. Now it is being used by many websites, web stores etc. for making a transaction. But still there are people who don’t know about what is PayPal. They can easily understand PayPal as a payment method for online transactions.

Receipt of money

Friends, family, customers and other parties can send you money just by signing in PayPal and using the email address you provided when you signed up for your account. The funds will be transferred to your PayPal account and you can access them by transferring them to your bank account. This is a great way to spend your money for shopping online securely when you do not want to use your regular credit or bank information.

How can I receive money through PayPal?

If you expect money from a friend, family member, you can easily use your PayPal account to receive the money directly. However some charges may be there for the transfer. The transaction is completed without revealing the personal informations of both the parties making the whole process safe and confidential.

PayPal Balance: No matter why someone sends money to your PayPal account, the first source from which PayPal withdraws funds to pay you typically consists of the balance of that person’s PayPal account.

Credit or debit card: Any PayPal member that connects a credit or debit card to their account can use one of these payment methods to send you money. PayPal automatically deducts from any PayPal balance first and access to the linked account if the payment exceeds the available PayPal balance.

eCheck and Instant Transfer: An eCheck draws funds directly from a PayPal member linked check or savings account. But it takes between three and five days for a transaction to complete. Instant Transfers also withdraw from a bank account, but as the name suggests, they credit your PayPal account immediately.

How to contact the PayPal Support Team?

It is free to send and receive money in most cases when you use your account or bank account from the PayPal website. For payment when using your credit or debit card or when you request money from a person using the website. These fees vary according to the size of the transaction. You will also be charged if you receive money for goods or services.

For various issues and complaint for your payment, PayPal has a dedicated Paypal phone number through which users can call the PayPal customer support team and get their queries resolved instantly. The disputed transactions are fixed immediately when you call the support team or Paypal contact number and give all the required details. Thus if you have any issues with the PayPal account, get in touch with the experts immediately.


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