Google not Working Properly

Explore reasons and solutions behind Why Google not working properly

Google is the American company that has made its presence in almost all sections of the market. This company is a very tough competitor to other companies in rival in the market. Google and its products and services have become the user’s favourite choice. From its search engine to web browser to smartphones and other devices, Google rules the market and is the highest profit making company.

Google is the best and most trusted search engine along with its various services and products. It is being used by the majority of people across the world and is known to give satisfaction as well. With its commendable services and products, it has ranked on world’s topmost companies. And because of its roots in every section, this company has different sections for customer help.

Facing Issues With Google? Here is the Solution

There is absolutely nothing in the world which does not face any issue during its working period. Be it product, a service or even professionals. Everyone and every product might give you some issues when you use it. Similarly, if you are facing issues working with Google then you should not panic as this is a natural phenomenon. You also get a solution for it. But before jumping directly to the solution, let us first discuss what is the reason behind Google not working properly.

Reasons behind Why Google Stopped Working

Here are some reasons discussed which may lead to Google not working.

  1. Google search not working, this can be because of accumulated caches of a website that might be creating hindrance and stopping Google to not work.
  2. One of the major reason is internet not working properly.
  3. Also if you have installed any antivirus application, then it might be creating one hindrance for Google not working properly.
  4. Another reason can be because of using any of the older version of Google Chrome that might result for not working on Google.
  5. If you are using Google application on your mobile phones and find that Google is not responding then one reason can be phone’s internal memory that might lead to some applications to not respond.

Therefore, above were some reasons mentioned for Google not working properly. Here, we will share the solution as well.

Solutions to Fix the Issue of Google Not Working Properly

Here are the steps to fix your issue. Follow some ways troubleshooting ways in order to fix your concern.

  1. First, check the internet connection . In case, your internet is not working then contact with internet service provider.
  2. Check and clear the accumulated caches which may result in Google to work properly.
  3. To eradicate Google not working properly issue, you can also check antivirus application. Its functioning can also result in google to not work properly.

Therefore, with some solutions, you can fix the issue that you are facing. Further, if you still are not able to resolve the issue then you can very well contact Google customer support which is available 24/7 at your service. The customer support representative will be delighted to help you.

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  • daniel 2019-04-08 07:28:28 According to me , if you see the issue still persists then you need to contact the customer team of Google and you will be getting a reliable solution for your issue. Moreover, you can get a solution over the phone call by simply dialling the Google helpline number and the support is accessible around the clock. And you will no longer worry about Google not working properly issue.