Internet not Working while on Call

What should you do when internet not working while on call

With the passage of time, the internet connectivity is getting stronger as day by day new advancements can be seen. When it was a heavy task to download or upload a pic from the internet now people are enjoying buffer-free high quality with 4K resolution. Apart from this, it has been noticed that some users have faced an issue with their internet while calling although there is high-speed internet connectivity.

Moreover, if you are also facing the internet not working while on call issue and searching for some help, then, you should not miss this post to read as here you would get information about the issue.

Why is your internet is not working while calling?

    • The reason behind it might be poor internet speed or 2G network connectivity. Since there is 3G, 4G, 5G networks are available you can get rid of this issue without much of stretch.
    • Also, if you are using a dual SIM mobile and you receive a call on the SIM through which you are accessing the internet, in that case, you can access the internet without any glitch. But you get the call on the another SIM, then, you might face the internet not working while on call issue.

How to fix internet not working issue while calling?

Step 1 : You can fix this issue by simply going to mobile settings.

Step 2 : There you need to select the More option.

Step 3: And then, select Mobile Network option and go to the Network Mode.

In this way, you would be able to access the internet while calling and also you will no longer see the internet not working while on call issue.

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