Etihad Airways Pet Policy

Fly with your pet smoothly and securely with an effective Etihad Airways Pet Policy

Being an animal lover its always hard to keep your pet away from your eyes for just a single minute. But sometimes many situations come when you go outside from your town to attend any business meeting or for any other important reasons. And then fear of your pets security always runs on your mind which attracts you to take your pet during the journey. But when things come to travel then it becomes a little bit complicated especially via air. Well if you have booked your flight in Etihad Airways, then you can easily travel with your pet by following their pet policy.

What is Etihad Airways Pet Policy?

Know about the pet policy before booking your flight is always a better option because every airline's carrier has their own policy. But if you don’t know about the Etihad Airways pet policy, then you should need to understand each thing prescribed by Etihad Airways. For this, you can go through the below steps:

  • Etihad Airways does not allow carrying pets in the aircraft cabin but transports in the cargo team under the presence of Etihad Cargo team.
  • Service animals are allowed as checked baggage in the cargo hold without any fee as per the transport or route’s restrictions.
  • Falcons can be carried in the cabin of aircraft and you should need to pay some additional charges as per the Etihad Airways classes.
  • Some bread such as the pug, bulldog, pitbull, Troutville and many more.
  • Make sure that your pet is medically fit and take medical fitness certificate along with you during the check-in at the airport.

Suppose you have any doubt or question regarding the Etihad Airways pet policy, then contact with the customer service team and obtain the effective assistance to resolve your all sorts of queries related to the pet policy.

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