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How to contact Aeroflot Phone Number for Airlines Issues

Aeroflot Airlines is the largest Russian Airlines, considered to be one of the oldest airlines in the world. The carrier mainly operates the domestic and international passenger and services. Apart from carrying the passengers for the, aeroflot airlines also performed other functions and operations.

This includes air ambulance, dusting crop facility, heavy lifting for the russia’s soviet space agency, support for construction process, aeromagnetic survey for natural resources so that it covers the large area and many such functions. Aeroflot was also responsible for ice patrol which includes escorting of large ships through frozen ships, oil exploration and many such activities that helped the russian government to very large extent. Aeroflot has a totally different logo.

When it comes to baggage, the airlines for the safety reasons asks all the baggage including the cabin and passenger baggages, shall be represented at the time of security check. All of the aeroflot’s airlines, obeys flight’s own piece of concept. This is based on the number of baggage shall be transported along with the passengers to maintain its weight in air.

Aeroflot Baggage Policy

Aeroflot allows the checked baggage with the dimensions that must not exceed 158cm and the dimension of carry bags shall have the maximum length 55 cm, width 40 cm and height not more than 25 cm. The Aeroflot phone number of baggage that shall be allowed is mentioned on the passenger tickets and the baggage check details. Aeroflot provides the free baggage allowance upto certain kilograms that depends upon the class you are travelling in.

Aeroflot Customer Service

The aeroflot airlines also provides the Aeroflot customer service to its passengers to resolve their issue. They have a dedicated team in different part of the world where they provide the services. The customer service number is based on the location and is toll-free. One can choose to contact aeroflot customer service phone number based on the location. The customer service helpline is available 24 hours and seven days.

Aeroflot Information

Aeroflot Phone Number: 1 (866) 879-7647

Aeroflot Baggage Tracking Number: 011 7 495 544-33-25

Destinations: 129

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Aeroflot Passenegers May Know 

Q : 1 ] Does Aeroflot airlines provide meals ?


Are a passenger wondering whether Aeroflot Airlines offers the meals to the passenger on flight? If so, then the answer is yes, they do provide food to the passengers during their travel. Moreover, the specific data concerning the meals provided by Aeroflot Airlines offers to travelers on the flight is given here. Besides, passengers will also learn the process of booking the Aeroflot Airlines flight ticket by referring to the data given later.

Aeroflot Airlines Special Meals

  1. The meals provided to the passenger travelling on the Aeroflot Airlines flight are specially cooked by their catering unit in flight.
  2. Aeroflot Airlines gives a few choices for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner served on the flight by them.
  3. Moreover, snack is also served by the Aeroflot to the passenger on the short flights, and the flight for the night travel.
  4. The meals given to the passenger on the Aeroflot flight is free, however, the economy class passengers have the choice for upgrading their meals to experience more special delicacies.
  5. The special meals can be pre-ordered by the travelers at least 36 hours prior from scheduled departure.

Now people certainly know that Aeroflot offers a meal on its flight. Moreover, they can dial Aeroflot Airlines number for contacting its customer service department about asking the other Aeroflot reservations related details from them. Passeneger should also know process for booking ticket hence it is easier for them now to make a final booking.

Q : 2 ] What is Aeroflot Airlines Easy Booking Method ?


  1. Steps to book a Aeroflot flight ticket
  2. Go to the official web page of the Aeroflot Airlines
  3. Click Buy a Ticket option to start booking process
  4. Then enter departure city name and arrival city name
  5. Next, select date on calendar for departure and return
  6. Hereafter, enter the number of adult, child and infant travelers
  7. Then choose preferred class of travel and press search
  8. Now a list of available flights will open from which people can select a most suitable one
  9. One passengers have selected a final flight pay the ticket fee
  10. Passenger can choose a preferred payment method from the available options
  11. Finally, Aeroflot will send a mail for confirmed ticket or if a passernger did not get the mail then they can seriously make connection with Aeroflot number at any time.

Q : 3 ] What is Aeroflot Number Russia ?


+7 (495) 223-55-55 ( Call Center)

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