Google Password Recovery

How easily could you recover the password the of google account through Google password recovery phone number

Google is a word wide search engine which is used for searching anything.It provides prominent features to its user so that, it is used by many users in all over the world.Whenever we talk about Internet then first thing will come in our mind that is Google.There are so many things which are available on the Google from where you can get all the information.

For using Google products ,you need to create the account on it. With the help of Google id ,user may use all the product which are launched by Google such as Google docs,Google drive,Google maps,Google photos and so on.

How to recover google password

If Google is not working then you need to resolve the issue.There can be password forget issue. Here are some steps given below for how to recover gmail password or google password recovery.You need a look on these steps:

  • For this , serach Google account recovery page.
  • Now sign in the with your gmail account.
  • Here you will see so many option to recover the Google account password
  • You may recover the password with the help of phone number.
  • You may select alternate email id option to recover the google account.
  • With the help of security question or via recovery key,you may access your account back.
  • This is your choice to choose the right one.
  • But make sure,you may opt any of these option if you have used the two step verification at the time of account creation.
  • If you have used this option then go through the below steps ,how these can be used.

How to recover Google Password without phone number

If you did not enter your phone number at the time of Google account creation or you have lost your number then you do not need to be more panic. For google password recovery without phone number,you may use any other option.You need a look on the given below steps for recover password.

  • First of all, you will have to go to the browser of your device.
  • Here you need to search for Google account recovery page.
  • Then click on the sign in option.
  • After That you will have to enter the email id and password.
  • If you have forgotten the password then skip the password option.
  • Now click on the “forgot password” link.
  • Once you click on this link,then you will see the option.
  • You need to select the option accordingly.
  • If you do not want to use the phone number option then you may select the recover my password via alternate email id.
  • Make sure your email id is working because you will get a link on that email id.
  • Now enter the email id in the given field.
  • After that open your email id,you will see the recovery link which is send from Google support team on this email id.
  • Once you open this link then you will be moved to the recovery page.
  • Here enter the new password
  • Again enter your password again for confirmation.
  • Now you can use the account and access the google related service.

If you face any issue while recovering the password of Google account then, just need to take help from Google support team for gmail password recovery.Google provides highly efficient professional for resolving all the issues.They will guide you to get rid of all the technical error.You will get best and efficacious support form them.

How to recover Google Password without security questions

If you did not enter any security question at the time of account creation or you have forgotten the answer of those question then you will have to choose any other option for google password recovery.With the help of other options, user may easily recover the Google account so that ,you are required to follow the some of the given steps:

  • Visit to the Google account recovery page.
  • Now click on the sign in option by enter the email id and password.
  • You need to click on the “forgot password link”.
  • If you did not remember the answer of security questions then choose another option to recover the password such as alternate email id option or phone number.
  • If you enter the phone number in the given field then sure you will get verification code.
  • You need to enter this code in the required field.
  • After that you will be directly associated to Google account recovery page.
  • Now enter the password.
  • Make sure your should be strong enough and it will not be recognized from others.
  • After That you can use your Google account.
  • Now go to the privacy /security option.
  • Here you need to go to the change password option
  • To prove that ,you are not robot , enter the captcha.
  • Now log out your Google account.
  • You will have to login you account with new password.

How to reach Experts through Google Password recovery Phone number

If still you experience any issue while recovering the password then user will not to get frustrated at this time because Gmail password recover experts provide the major help to get rid of all the issues related to it.

There may be chance when google password recovery phone number is not reachable then people may contact to Google support team through email or chat support.Once they get email then they will revert with in a specific time.

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