How do I get my iPhone to connect to my printer

Know more about How do I get my iPhone to connect to my printer

The printer is a very important tool that helps you out with fewer efforts of printing your documents & keeps the process very simple & steady for users. Printing is a kind of help through which you can get printouts in any kind of format, size & design. Sometimes printers get functional problems because of which user gets trouble while printing. The trouble could be occurred due to connection problems, network issues & or could be due to some wiring problem, or in a scenario that your Wi-Fi is not connected with your printer in a proper manner. So to know how do I get my iPhone to connect to my printer, and then first know the issues that may cause you to face such kind of problem, after you can get the solutions;

So the issues could be many that may occur due to various problems & go through the issues that are listed below;

•          First problem could be that iPhone software must not be updated

•          Settings of your Wi-Fi should have got the problem

•          It might also due to if the printer’s setting, that was set earlier got interrupted while you were changing your iphone setting

•          Or could be like wiring inside the printer got fired

•          Or the power supply is not able to reach the printer in a proper way

•          Or it could happen due to the printer’s cartridge that may be at fault

•          It also could be because the printer might not be compatible with the iPhone

Or many more could be the issues that stop the proper functioning of the printer, while it is connected with the iPhone. So, now if you really need to know how do I get my iPhone to connect to my printer, and get the proper & normal functioning.

Then you must know these simple methods or points that will help you out from your problem;

•          If your Bluetooth is not connected with your printer

•          Then you must simply open the settings & tap on Bluetooth

•          Then find your printer name in my devices & directly tap on the information button (that is like i)

•          Then you could click on the forget this device option so that your printer gets detached from your iPhone

•          And after that you can go back to the settings then & again in the Bluetooth option so that you can reconnect your iPhone to your printer again.

Or the other points that could be kept in mind are;

•          First open the app through which you want to print

•          Then to find the print option, that click on the app share icon

•          Then scroll down & tap on print. And if you are unable to get the print option then you can take the help of an app user guide

•          Then tap on the printer through which you want to print it & enable the printer

•          Then select the number of copies or other options, like which page you want to print

•          Then simply click on the print option that is present in the top right corner.

Hence, these above-mentioned ways will let you easily get rid of your problem that is of how do I get my iPhone to connect to my printer and want further information to resolve doubts, then simply you can contact to the printer’s companies customer care support team that is available 24*7 to assist you with great solutions that are very much effective.


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