Google Play Services not working

How to fix if Google Play Services not working Properly

Introduced in 2012, specifically for android devices Google play services is a background API package that runs in the background in android devices for smooth functioning of android applications. Now covering a large variety of services it basically bridges gap between applications enabling them to communicate better. As of recent reports it has almost been downloaded by a lot of people till date.

Now speaking of today’s time Google play services has become one of the vital part of any android device. But quite often people complain of technical bugs in this application. There are many reasons of technical bug found in Google play services because of which you will find Google play services not supported by your device.

The most possible reasons of Google play services not working are given below.

    • The most common reason of Google play services not working could be cache memory piled up that affects working of Google play services.
    • Check for your data connectivity if your device is being connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data or not.
    • Update your Google play services whenever you get the notification of application updates because Google play services might not work if your current version is not outdated.
    • If your phone’s internal storage or processor is having some serious major issues even then Google services might not work.
    • Hence above points are most possible reasons of Google play services might not work. For which you can actually fix by applying below solutions.

Most common hacks to fix Google account are listed below:

      • First thing you should do to fix your problem is check for internet connectivity.
      • Clear all the piled up cache and unwanted files from your device.
      • Go to your settings and click on application manager or device.
      • Click on Google play services and force stop.
      • Clear the application and re start your device by rebooting.
      • If you open this application and try working and it gets closed even before it could really start in that case tap on settings, then tap on security and device administrator and disable android device manager.
      • After which you might need to sign in all your Google accounts.
      • If you think it’s not Google but your play services then you can reset your entire phone.

Hence these were the major fixing factors that you could follow in order to get your Google play services back on track. At times what happens is you will find Google play services not working therefore you can follow the same steps to re adjust the application. And in case your phone still gives you trouble after all rebooting and resetting then it is high time you change your phone.

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