Which is better Spirit Airlines or Frontier

Guide on Which is better Spirit Airlines or Frontier?

Both Frontier and Spirit airlines have built their names depending upon the low cost carriers. Both focuses on the terms of making the flight short and saving on the pocket rather than making it full of comfort. But if you want to compare both the airlines, follow the below mentioned points, based on which you can decide the airline for yourself-

Mostly the airline we end up choosing depends upon the place that we wish to travel, so Spirit Airlines vs Frontier can be figured out with the below mentioned points.

Places to travel – Frontier flies to 30 international airports covering almost more than 100 American, plus international destinations. While Spirit flies to a very lesser range that is only to around 80 airports.

Flight Fares- Both Frontier and Spirit has very cheap fares on their tickets. But if you want to compare then you’ll have to compare them with the destinations. Because, both the airlines provides extra less fare to certain destinations. So the destination that you wish to travel, that will decide which will be better.

Leg Space- When it comes to leg space, so Frontier provides a seating of 3-3 where as Spirit provides a seating capacity of 2-2. Spirit provides more leg space compared to Frontier, both have the same dimensions for the seat but the sitting arrangement differs. Thus Spirit provides more leg space than that of Frontier. But the fun fact is, Spirit only provides more leg space in very few seats but Frontier every seat is the same, so it holds the power in that sense.

Therefore with the help of above mentioned points, one can easily decide on the topic of Which is better Spirit Airlines or Frontier depending completely upon the requirement of an individual. It all can be compared easily keeping in mind the options given.


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