How to create Gmail account

Learn the step-by-step procedure of creating Gmail account:
It is very simple to create any email account as you just have to fill the necessary data in the registration form. We all must have at least one email account even two or more. Gmail is created and delivered by google company based out of California. It is a very reputed company and they provide free email solution through Gmail. Many of the users are new in this platform and any issues coming to them is quite obvious. Seeing all the points we have been settled with a great panel of expertise who are always on to solve any problem coming during the creation of email account. If any user want to know about any additional services they they can contact on the given number. Gmail provides you the more space for putting your data safe and secure. A cloud service is also available where you can put you data, attachment and photos etc very conveniently.
Steps to create a Gmail account:
  • In the first segment we need to open the google link in our computer.
  • There you can select the Gmail account option.
  • There you get two options, one is for creating new account and other is for login.
  • User have to open the tab of “Create new account”.
  • After opening that you have to fill the necessary information data in that form.
  • Now by submitting you will be redirected to create the password of the Gmail account.
  • Make sure you password should be alphanumeric and there should be any special character in that password in order to make Gmail more secure.
  • Now you can login from your computer after finishing all the steps.

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