Google apps is not working

What to do When Google apps is not working- Here is the guidance:

Google is the best web browser in the world and thus every individual trust it blindly. Any product developed by Google is also taken for granted considering that it cannot have any fault or error but we forget that the working professionals in Google are also human being and mistakes can happen and is also expected. Google Play store is a Google apps which works as a mediator and if it stops working for any random reason then the entire world of any individual in the digital world comes to an end.

For any instance if the Google Play store apps fails to work or Google apps is not working, then the user first need to make sure that it is a user end problem. Prior trying any way out to fix the issue, it is essential to be reconfirmed that the problem is not with Google. Then the best possible way is to do this is to head somewhere like the downdetector and cross check if others are reporting similar issues.

How to fix Google apps not working issues : Find solutions here

  1. The user can try to force close the Google Play Store which the user can simply do by swiping way the Google Play Store on the multi-tasking app switcher
  2. At times turning on the airplane mode might resolve the issue and the app start working
  3. Restating the device is another possibility
  4. Removing Proxy or VPN Settings can resolve the issue

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